Fiesta Bistro



The Fiesta Restaurant & Bistro has always tried to reach one goal: to provide our customers with the highest quality dining experience. Whether you have a three course meal or simply a salad at the bar, we take great care to make sure the food and service meet that aim.

Our service values reflect the restaraunt's commitment to fine dining; our staff are friendly, knowlegeable and polite, and more than happy to help you with questions about anything on the menu. They undertake regular menu and wine tastings so they can advise, in most cases, from personal experience.

Fiesta is a small, family business – meaning we can run the type of restaraunt we want to run, serve the food we love, and meet the standards we set for ourselves, free from franchise and other outside interference.

Additionally, Fiesta is definitely not a 'formula' restaurant. Rather, it's where you go if you love to eat good food and want to feel at home doing it. At Fiesta, you feel taken care of at all times - from your first enquiry to the end of each meal.