Fiesta Bistro

Fiesta Bistro Menus

  • Breakfast (served from 7am)
    • Fiesta full breakfast 2 slices of smoked bacon, 1 pork & leek sausage (hand made specially for us with fresh leeks) free rang fried egg, saute'd potatoes, baked beans & pan-fried mushrooms   £5.50
    • Healthy Start Brown toast, grilled tomato, 3 scrambled eggs & baked beans   £5.50 vegetarian meal
    • Scrambled eggs with smoked salmon 3 free range eggs, scrambled and topped with smoked salmon and served with two toasts   £5.50
    • Light Starter 1 pork & leek sausage, 1 slice of grilled bacon, 1 fried egg & hash brown   £3.40
    • Vegetarian Breakfast 2 Linda Macartney vegetarian sausages, 1 free range Egg, Grilled Tomato, Baked Beans, pan-fried Mushrooms & Sauté potatoes   £5.35 vegetarian meal
    • Light Bites Toasted or plain bacon or sausage sandwich 3.45
      Bacon or Sausage in fresh Ciabatta 4.35
      3 Scrambled Eggs with 2 Toasts 3.75
      Double fried Eggs with 2 Toasts 2.75
      Baked beans on 2 Toasts with Fried Egg on top 3.70
      Baked beans on 2 Toasts 2.75  
    • You can choose poached egg  
    • Black pudding. £1.50 , Fried bread. £1.00  
  • From the bar
    • Wine
      • White Wine
        • Sauvignon Blanc, Remy Pannier (France) Rich, crisp and aromatic, showing complex flavors of tropical fruit.
          175ml glass £4.00
          250ml glass £5.30  
        • Pinot Grigio Ca Lunghetta (Italy). Dry and soft yet full bodied with a long fruity finish.
          175ml glass £4.00
          250ml glass £5.30   £16.50
        • Piesporter Michelsberg Q.b.a (Germany) A medium sweet white, full of fruit from the Moselle Valley.
          175ml glass £4.00
          250ml glass £5.30   £16.00
        • Ventisquero, Sauvignon Blanc Reserve (Chilli). A delightful. quality wine with a bright colour and showing a tropical nose.
          Fruity with balanced acidity.
          175ml glass £4.70
          250ml glass £6.20   £13.50
        • Oyster Bay, Sauvignon Blanc, Marlbrough (Newzealand) Balanced wine with good concentration showing tropical and gooseberry flavours.
          175ml glass £5.00
          250ml glass £6.50   £19.50
        • Mountbridge Reserve Chardonnay (Australia). An abundance of peach, apricot and melon, complimented by subtle creamy vanilla oak.
          175ml glass £4.70
          250ml glass £6.20   £18.00
      • Red Wine
        • Merlot VdP Remy Pannier. - France Plum and violets on the nose, a delicious easy drinking red.
          175ml glass £4.00
          250ml glass £5.30   £16.00
        • Chianti Fontella D.O.C Casa Girelli - Italy Largely Sangiovese, ruby red, smooth and medium bodied on the palate. Great to accompany red meat and pastas
          175ml glass £4.00
          250ml glass £5.30   £16.00
        • Rioja Vega, Crianza Aged for 12 month in oak, rich in aromas and showing vanilla and toasty oak flavours.
          175ml glass £4.50
          250ml glass £6.00   £18.00
        • Ventisquero Carmenere Reserve Intense colour, spiced and chocolate on the nose with vanilla and a hint of oak on the palate.
          175ml glass £4.40
          250ml glass £5.90   £17.50
        • Moutbridge Reserve 2011, Shiraz Ripe plum and mulberry flavours spicy Shiraz. Smooth with flavoursome palate.
          175ml glass £4.50
          250ml glass £6.00
          Everyone loves a glass of Shiraz but not many know of the beautiful city of Shiraz also known as city of poets and good wine, do look it up.   £18.00
        • Trivento Trivu Malbac (Argentina) Warm red berry aromas, soft silky tannins and a long, juicy, fruity finish.
          175ml glass £5.00
          250ml glass £6.50   £19.50
      • Rose wines
        • Angas Sparkling Rose - Italy Bursting with strawberry fruit flavours. Smooth, creamy texture with a crisp, dry finish.  
        • Captains Table Rose (Australia) A big vibrant deep pink colour with supporting fruit packed full of flavour.
          175ml glass £4.00
          250ml glass £5.30   £16.00
        • Pinot Grigioi Rose, Ca Lunghetta - Italy Dry and soft yet full bodied witha long fruity finish.
          175ml glass £4.15
          250ml glass £5.50  
        • Prosecco Nua Rose - Italy A vibrant ripe, fruit driven rose from the Prosecco region of Italy.   £19.00
        • Angas Sparkling Rose - Australia Bursting with strawberry fruit flavours, smooth, creamy texture with a crisp dry finish.   £19.00
      • Champaignes
        • Julous froue, Cuvee di Reserve Award winning. elegant. biscuity Champagne of great quality which has been highly regarded for many years.   £30.00
        • Moet et Chondon Brute Imperial Lively. clean and expressive with a soft subtle flavor that improves with more aging.  
        • Prosecco One4one - Italy fresh, light with clean citrus fruit and a delicate mouthfeel   £200ml Single Serve Bottle £5.50
        • Prosecco, Casa Botter - Italy Italy's answer to Champagne, a quality dry sparkler with lots of lovely floral and fruity aromas  
        • Montesquius Cava, Brut Reserva (Spain) This is a refreshing easy drinking sparkling wine displaying fresh fruit flavours and a creamy palate with a criap clean finish.   £20.00
    • Beers & Cider
      • Draught Peroni 5% (Pint) Italy   £4.40
      • Draught Pilsner Urquell 5.4% (Pint) Czech Republic   £4.20
      • Draught Stell 4% (Pint) Belgium   £4.00
      • Guiness surge   £3.60
      • Magners Irish Apple Cider   £3.60
      • Magners Irish berry Cider   £3.60
      • Smirnoff Ice   £3.30
      • E.S.B An exceptionally smooth Champion bitter   £3.75
      • Magners Irish apple Cider   £3.60
      • Old Speckled Hen   £3.75
      • Beck's beer   £3.00
      • Corona   £3.30
      • Tiger beer (Singapore)   £3.30
      • Holsten Pils   £3.00
      • Beck's Non Alcoholeic   £2.50
  • Party Menu
    • Starters
      • Prawn Cocktail on a bed of leaves, topped with Mari Rose sauce, served with a king prawn & baguette slices.   £5.50
    • Soup of the day. served with baguette slices   £4.95
    • Brie & redcurrant sauce. Bread crumbed & fried and served with redcurrant sauce and salad garnish   £4.95 vegetarian meal
    • Butterfly Prawns. Dusted with bread crumbs and coconut and fried golden and served with salad and sweet chilli and sweet & sour plum sauce   £5.95
    • Fiesta mushrooms Pan-fried garlic & herb mushroomswith sun-blushed tomatoes. served with garlic bread   £5.95
    • Nachos. Tortilla chips with melted Montray jack cheese and Halepeano peppers, sour cream & spicy tomato salsa   £4.95 vegetarian meal
    • Prawn Cocktail Atlantic prawns served with home-made Marie rose sauce, topped with a king prawn & served with crunchy leaves & fresh baked baguette slices   £5.50
    • Mains
      • Pan-fried sea bass Pan roasted sea bass fillet with spring onion, mushrooms, Crayfish, white wine and lemon juice. served with new potatoes & salad   £12.95
      • Chicken & friends " with BBQ sauce, bacon & cheese melt " sealed & baked, brushed with barbecue sauce, topped with crispy bacon & melted Mozzarella and served with salad & fries   £12.50
      • Chicken Forestiere Oven baked breast of chicken, smothered with classic french sauce of celery, mushroom, fresh rosemary, oak smoked ham, cream & dry martini. served with fresh vegetables & new baby potatoes   £13.95
      • Four cheese macaroni Mature Cheddar, red Leicester & Parmesan all melted in a creamy sauce with wilted spinach, tomato and topped with Mozzerella and served with salad & garlic bread   £8.95 vegetarian meal
    • 10oz Sirloin steak 10oz of prime English Sirloin with tomato, mushrooms, onion rings, salad & fries.   £15.95
    • Char-grilled Salmon fillet salad Fillet of Salmon char-grilled and served with salad , new potatoes and honey & mustard dip   £12.95
    • Fiesta Lasagne Layers of lasagna sandwiched with chef's special meat sauce topped with mozzarella cream sauce & surrounded with sun-dried tomato sauce,
      served with salad & garlic bread.   £8.95
    • Fillet of beef au-piovre 8oz fillet of beef butterflyed and char-grilled and served on hash browns topped with brandy, cream and peppercorn sauce, served with vegetables & saute potatoes   £18.50
    • Lamb Shanks in Mint Gravy Slow roasted Lamb Shank with a delicate Mint gravy & served with roast potatoes and seasonal vegetables   £12.95
  • Specials Tonight
    • Starters  
    • Breaded king prawns Deep-fried till golden and served with salad garnish
      Garlic mayo & Mari-rose sauce 6.25  
    • Grilled Goats Cheese Grilled and topped with
      caramelized onions & red currant jelly
      Served with salad garnish & walnut bread   £5.95
    • MAINS  
    • Fillet au piovre (brandy and cream sauce) 8oz fillet char-grilled and served on hash browns and smothered with peppercorn sauce, brandy and cream sauce
      Served with saute potatoes & vegetables   £18.95
    • Fillet of beef stroganoff served with steamed basmati rice Strips of beef fillet pan-fried with onion & mushrooms, Dijon mustard & beef bullion, creme fraiche & brandy and served with steamed rice   £15.95
    • Honey & soy duck Marinated and baked honey & soy and finished with plum sauce and served with new potatoes & vegetables   £14.95
    • Pan-fried sea bass 2 sea-bass fillets pan-fried with white wine, lemon juice, mushrooms, spring onions & prawns, served with new potatoes & salad   £13.95
    • Barbecue Ribs Full rack of pork barbecue ribs served with
      Spicy potato wedges or chips. Salad & coleslaw
  • Evening Menu
    • Starters
      • Brie & redcurrant sauce Bread crumbed & fried till golden and served with redcurrant sauce and salad garnish.   £4.95 vegetarian meal
      • Butterfly Prawns Dusted with bread crumbs and coconut and fried golden and served with salad , sweet chilli & sweet'n'sour plum sauce.   £5.95
      • Ciabatta cheesy garlic bread covered with fresh Mozzarella and baked golden   £3.50 vegetarian meal
      • Ciabatta garlic bread   £2.50 vegetarian meal
      • Mussels Cooked in olive oil, finely chopped onion, celery and white wine with touch of parsley, and hint of garlic, served with Ciabatta.   £5.50
      • Nachos Tortilla chips with melted Motray jack cheese, topped with Jalepeano peppers & served with sour cream and spicy tomato salsa   £4.95 vegetarian meal
      • Prawn cocktail Atlantic prawns served with home-made Marie rose topped with a king prawn and served with crunchy leaves and Ciabatta slices   £5.50
      • Sharing platter Crispy Camembert, Thai chicken skewers, crispy prawns, breaded mushrooms, onion rings, garlic bread, garlic mayo & sweet chilli dip   £8.95
      • Fiesta mushrooms. Pan-fried mushrooms, brie, smoked bacon with a hint of garlic, white wine, sprinkled with fresh basil, baby spinach, sun-blushed tomato with crunchy breadcrumb and served with Ciabatta slices   £5.95
      • Soup of the day. Fresh home made soup served with slices of Ciabatta.   £4.95
    • Main Courses
      • 10oz Sirloin steak. 10oz of prime Sirloin with grilled tomato, saute mushrooms, onion rings, salad & fries or make it spicy with Cajun seasoning & spicy jacket wedges.   £15.95
      • 16oz Rump Steak prime rump steak cooked to your liking and served with salad, chips, mushrooms, grilled tomato and onion ring   £17.95
      • 8oz Fillet steak. Prime Irish fillet of beef Cooked to your liking and served with grilled tomato, sautéd mushrooms,onion rings, salad & fries.   £17.95
      • Beef Stroganoff 8oz strips of prime fillet of beef pan-fried in a sauce of brandy, mushroom, white wine, cream & paprika and served with steamed basmati rice   £18.50
      • Char-grilled Chicken Breast lightly spiced and char-grilled chicken breast, served with salad & new potatoes or chips   £12.95
      • Enchilladas Strips of chicken beast, red onions and sweet pepper strips pan-fried with Mexican spices. wraped in a fresh flour tortilla and topped with tomato salsa and Montray jakc and grilled & served with salad & jacket wedges   £12.95
      • Fajita. Our Fajitas are prepared in our special marinade and served on a sizzling skillet with strips of red onion & bell peppers, accompanied be steamed flour tortillas, sour cream, Guacamole & spicy salsa with choice of Chicken or vegetable chilli.Chicken £12.95/beef fillet & prawn £15.95  
      • Fiesta Steak Pie Made from prime cuts of beef and cooked slowly to prefection for you to enjoy
        served with seasonal vegetables and roast potatoes.   £9.95
      • Four cheese Macaroni Macaroni & baby spinach baked in a creamy mature cheddar cheese sauce topped with fresh Mozzarella and served with a crusty Ciabatta olive bread   £8.95 vegetarian meal
      • House Specials
        • Hunter's Chicken vvbbnnmm   £13.50
        • Pan roasted sea bass Pan roasted sea bass fillet with spring onion, mushrooms, Crayfish, white wine and lemon juice. served with new potatoes & salad.   £12.95
        • Wholetail natural crumb scampi Whole tail Scampi in golden crumbs served with salad, fries and tartare sauce and wedge of lemon   £9.50
        • Char-grilled Salmon Caribbean spiced Salmon fillet, char-grilled and served with salad & new potatoes with honey & mustard dressing   £12.95
        • Chicken forestiere Oven-baked breast of chicken, smothered with classic french sauce of finly chopped celery, sliced mushroom, fresh rosemary, oak smoked ham, cream, white wine & dry martini sauce. served with seasonal vegetables & new potatoes   £13.50
        • Chimichanga This fresh flour tortilla is stuffed with pan-fried chicken,cheese and red onions, bell peppers and your choice of filling. Then folded and deep-fried till golden brown, topped with sour cream, Guacamole and Salsa and   £12.50
        • Deep-fried Cod fillet in crispy beer batter Beer battered fillet of cod served with chips, peas, tartar sauce & wedge of lemon   £8.95
        • Fiesta half pound Aberdean Angus beef burger. Served in a toasted Ciabatta with coleslaw and fries with Mayo, Or choose breast of chicken or Vegi burger.
          you can add,Mature cheddar (classic cheeseburger)
          Blue cheese , Bacon
          Fried mushroom , Brie
          sun-blushed tomato or Mozzarella
          @ £1.00 each   £9.50
        • Fiesta Lasagne Made with fresh tomato salad, chef's special bolognese sauce and lashings of cheese sauce with fresh Mozzarella topping, and served with salad & Ciabatta garlic bread   £8.95
        • Fiesta Mix Grill (better be hungry!) 8oz rump steak, breast of chicken, lamb cutlet, our own hand made pork & fresh leek sausage, bacon, grilled tomato, saute mushrooms and onion rings, with salad & fries   £18.95
        • Lamb Shank Slow roasted and served with a light mint gravy, steamed seasonal vegetables & roast or new potatoes   £13.50
        • Oak Roasted Smoked Salmon fillet with salad, honey & mustard dressing & new potatoes   £13.95
        • Seafood Platter Char-grilled King Prawns, Smoked Salmon, Scampi, Butterfly prawns and popcorn Shrimps crunchy salad and more Atlantic fresh prawns and dips.   £14.95
        • Surf "n" turf Char-grilled 8oz fillet steak cooked to your liking and topped with king prawns and served with lemon & parsley butter, salad , chips or new potatoes   £18.95
      • Deserts
        • Banoffi Pie. The famous dessert born in Eastbourne of slices of banana and toffee on a biscuit base topped with freshly whipped cream and chocolate shavings.   £4.50
        • Cherry Cheese cake. The textured biscuit base topped with the smooth cream cheese & the sweet fruit topping are the combination hard to resist.   £4.50
        • Medly of ice cream. mixture of all dairy ice cream flavors dressed in chocolate shavings and caramel or chocolate topping and freshly whipped cream that dose not disappear in front of your eyes.   £4.50
    • Today's Lunch Saturday. 9. March
      • Carrot, leek & lentil vegetable soup with bread & butter   £4.50 vegetarian meal
      • Mozzarella goujons served with salad, fries & tomato dipping sauce   £6.95 vegetarian meal
      • 8oz Cheeseburger with salad, coleslaw & chips   £7.50
      • Baked fillet of Haddock on mash with stir-fry vegetables   £7.95
      • Baked fillet of Salmon with with salad & saute potatoes & honey & mustard dip   £7.95
      • Braised rump slices in mushroom & Madeira wine sauce   £7.95
      • Chicken & mushroom stroganoff served with basmati rice   £7.95
      • Chicken breast braised in chasseur sauce   £7.95
      • Chicken Tikka masala served with basmati rice   £7.95
      • Crispy deep-fried Cod or Haddock with chips, peas, tartar sauce & lemon   £7.50
      • Cumberland sausages on mash with fried onions, peas & gravy   £6.95
      • Deep-fried Crispy Wholetail Scampi served with Salad, Fries & tartar sauce   £7.95
      • Hand carved Oak smoked ham, double egg & chips   £7.50
      • Macaroni cheese with chips   £5.95 vegetarian meal
      • Panko breaded King prawns with salad, chips & sweet chilli dip   £7.95
      • Pasta bolognese served with side salad   £6.95
      • Roast of the day with, fresh vegetable & potato & all trimmings   £7.95
      • Salmon & dill fishcakes with salad, fries, lemon & tartar sauce   £7.95
      • Shrpherds pie with fresh vegetables & gravy   £6.95
      • Slow cooked lamb shank in a rich rosemary and mint gravy   £9.50
      • Steak, mushroom & Guinness pie with fresh veg & roasties   £7.50
      • All our today's specials are served with fresh vegetables & roast or new potatoes. or with salad or chips