Fiesta Bistro

Fiesta Bistro Menus

  • Party Menu
    • Starters
      • Prawn Cocktail on a bed of leaves, topped with Mari Rose sauce, served with a king prawn & baguette slices.   £5.50
    • Soup of the day. served with baguette slices   £4.95
    • Brie & redcurrant sauce. Bread crumbed & fried and served with redcurrant sauce and salad garnish   £4.95 vegetarian meal
    • Butterfly Prawns. Dusted with bread crumbs and coconut and fried golden and served with salad and sweet chilli and sweet & sour plum sauce   £5.95
    • Fiesta mushrooms Pan-fried garlic & herb mushroomswith sun-blushed tomatoes. served with garlic bread   £5.95
    • Nachos. Tortilla chips with melted Montray jack cheese and Halepeano peppers, sour cream & spicy tomato salsa   £4.95 vegetarian meal
    • Prawn Cocktail Atlantic prawns served with home-made Marie rose sauce, topped with a king prawn & served with crunchy leaves & fresh baked baguette slices   £5.50
    • Mains
      • Pan-fried sea bass Pan roasted sea bass fillet with spring onion, mushrooms, Crayfish, white wine and lemon juice. served with new potatoes & salad   £12.95
      • Chicken & friends " with BBQ sauce, bacon & cheese melt " sealed & baked, brushed with barbecue sauce, topped with crispy bacon & melted Mozzarella and served with salad & fries   £12.50
      • Chicken Forestiere Oven baked breast of chicken, smothered with classic french sauce of celery, mushroom, fresh rosemary, oak smoked ham, cream & dry martini. served with fresh vegetables & new baby potatoes   £13.95
      • Four cheese macaroni Mature Cheddar, red Leicester & Parmesan all melted in a creamy sauce with wilted spinach, tomato and topped with Mozzerella and served with salad & garlic bread   £8.95 vegetarian meal
    • 10oz Sirloin steak 10oz of prime English Sirloin with tomato, mushrooms, onion rings, salad & fries.   £15.95
    • Char-grilled Salmon fillet salad Fillet of Salmon char-grilled and served with salad , new potatoes and honey & mustard dip   £12.95
    • Fiesta Lasagne Layers of lasagna sandwiched with chef's special meat sauce topped with mozzarella cream sauce & surrounded with sun-dried tomato sauce,
      served with salad & garlic bread.   £8.95
    • Fillet of beef au-piovre 8oz fillet of beef butterflyed and char-grilled and served on hash browns topped with brandy, cream and peppercorn sauce, served with vegetables & saute potatoes   £18.50
    • Lamb Shanks in Mint Gravy Slow roasted Lamb Shank with a delicate Mint gravy & served with roast potatoes and seasonal vegetables   £12.95
  • Menu Today
    • All of Dom's breads are homemade  
    • Antipasti
      • Avocado Gamberetti prawns in homemade
        Marie rose sauce and cucumber   £7.95
      • Garlic bread (v)   £3.95
      • Pate dela Casa Homemade chicken liver pate served with homemade bread and plum chutney.   £6.45
      • Fritetelle di Pesce Homamade fish cake served with tartar sauce.   £6.95
      • Antipasto Dom (for two) Selection of Italian salamis, cheese, homemade pate and plum sauce. queen olives, salad leaves served with homemade bread.   £14.95
      • Calamari Fritti deep fried squid served with lemon. salad and homemade tartar sauce.   £6.95
      • Gamberoni burro e aglio Crevette prawns cooked in white wine and garlic sauce   £8.95
      • Polpette Homemade meatballs in a rich tomato sauce, served with slices of homemade bread.   £4.95
      • Mozzarella in Carrozza (v) Deep fried mozzarella in breadcrumbs served with homemade spicy tomato sauce   £6.45
      • Funghi Triffolati (v) Sautéed mushrooms with garlic and parsley sauce served with polenta   £6.95
    • Pasta e Risotto
      • Alla Paesana Bacon, mushroom, brandy and cream

        Pasta of your choice in a creamy bacon, brandy and mushroom sauce   £9.95
      • Alla Rustica Chicken breast, broccoli and creamy sauce   £9.95
      • Amatriciana Pancetta (bacon), onion, garlic, black pepper and homemade tomato sauce   £8.95
      • Carbonara Bacon, egg yolk, black pepper, parmesan and creamy sauce   £9.95
      • Choice of Pasta, Penne. Spaghetti, Tagliatelle  
      • Gamberetti e Zucchine Courgette, baby prawns, saffron and cream

        Courgettes in a creamy baby prawns and saffron sauce   £12.95
      • Marinara Crevette and baby prawns, squid, baby octopus and mussels, with white wine, cherry tomatoes and touch of garlic   £12.95
      • Polpette Homemade meatballs in a rich homemade tomato sauce   £9.95
      • Pomodoro & Basilico (v) Homemade tomato sauce with fresh basil   £7.95
      • Ragu Bolognese Traditional rich meat (1000eef)and homemade tomato sauce  
    • Insalata . Legumi e Extras
      • All of Dom's breads are homemade  
      • Bruschetta (v) Toasted homemade bread with fresh tomato, garlic and basil   £4.95
      • Bruschetta Dom Toasted homemade bread topped with gorgonzola, Parma ham & rocket   £5.95
      • Fresh Focaccia bread (v) with Dried chilies & sea salt
        Garlic & rosemary   £4.95
      • Garlic bread with mozzarella (v)   £4.95
      • Garlic cheese dough balls with garlic butter dip (v)   £4.95
      • Insalata Mista o Verde (v) Mixed or green salad   £3.95
      • Insalata Tricolore (v) Avocado, tomato & mozzarella dressed with homemade basil oil   £5.95
      • Marinated Olives   £3.45
      • Patatine Fritta (v) Chips   £3.45
      • Ricula con Carciofi (v) Rocket salad, parmesan shavings, sun blushed tomatoes and artichokes   £5.95
      • Vegetali di Stagione (v) Selection of seasoned vegetables   £3.95
      • Coppe di Gamberetti Dom's way of serving prawn cocktail with crevette and baby prawns. Homemade
        Marie rose sauce and cucumber.   £7.95
    • Pasta Fresca e Specialita dello chef
      • Lasagna al Forno Layers of pasta, mincemeat(beef),homemade tomato sauce, béchamel and parmesan,oven baked.   £9.95
      • Cannelloni Contadino (v) Pancake filled with ricotta cheese, spinach and mushrooms n a tomato and béchamel sauce and baked in the oven.   £8.95
      • Pappardelle Battista Ribbon pasta with butternut squash, toasted sunflower seeds and smoked parma ham.
        (Gluten free available- please ask your server for details)   £10.95
      • Papardelle al Pollo Ribbon pasta with spinach, chicken, tomato sauce and a touch of cream.
        (Gluten free available- please ask your server for details)   £10.95
      • Pappardelle Gianluca Ribbon pasta with prawns, courgette, white wine and a touch of homemade tomato sauce, garlic and chili.
        (Gluten free available- please ask your server for details)   £12.95
      • Ravioli alla Zucca (v) Ravioli filled with butternut squash, served with a light cream cheese and brandy sauce   £9.95
      • Ravioli Luna Ravioli filled with scallops and baby prawns served with sun-blushed tomato sauce and rocket.   £12.95
    • Carne e Griglia
      • Bistecca alla Griglia Prime sirloin steak cooked to your liking and served with chips and salad.   £19.95
      • Pollo alla Inglese Pan-fried breast of chicken in a brandy, cream & mustard sauce with a touch of pepper sauce and served with seasonal vegetables and daily potatoes   £12.95
      • Pollo Dom Breast of chicken topped with bacon, avocado & parmesan cheese baked and served with seasonal vegetables and daily potatoes,   £13.95
      • Pollo Montebianco Chicken breast, brandy,cream & mushroom sauce, served with seasonal vegetables and daily potatoes   £12.95
      • Bistecca al Pepe Prime sirloin steak with peppercorn sauce, served with seasonal vegetables and daily potatoes.   £19.95
      • Filetto al Pepe Fillet of beef with green peppercorn sauce, served with seasonal vegetables and daily potatoes.   £22.95
      • Filetto Rossini Fillet of beef topped with paté and crouton in port sauce, served seasonal vegetables and daily potatoes   £22.95
      • Filetto alla Griglia Fillet of beef cooked to your liking and served with crispy salad and chips   £22.95
      • Filetto Dom Fillet of beef cooked in a mustard and brandy sauce with a touch of cream, served with seasonal vegetables and daily potatoes   £22.95
      • Fegato de Vitello Grilled calves liver and bacon served with seasonal vegetables and daily potatoes   £14.95
      • Fogato alla Veneziana Calves liver with red onion, polenta and whit wine sauce, served with seasonal vegetables and daily potatoes   £14.95
      • Pollo alla Milanese Chicken breast in bread crumbs served with spaghetti Napoli   £12.95
  • From the bar
    • Wine
      • White Wine
        • Sauvignon Blanc, Remy Pannier (France) Rich, crisp and aromatic, showing complex flavors of tropical fruit.
          175ml glass £4.00
          250ml glass £5.30  
        • Pinot Grigio Ca Lunghetta (Italy). Dry and soft yet full bodied with a long fruity finish.
          175ml glass £4.00
          250ml glass £5.30   £16.50
        • Piesporter Michelsberg Q.b.a (Germany) A medium sweet white, full of fruit from the Moselle Valley.
          175ml glass £4.00
          250ml glass £5.30   £16.00
        • Ventisquero, Sauvignon Blanc Reserve (Chilli). A delightful. quality wine with a bright colour and showing a tropical nose.
          Fruity with balanced acidity.
          175ml glass £4.70
          250ml glass £6.20   £13.50
        • Oyster Bay, Sauvignon Blanc, Marlbrough (Newzealand) Balanced wine with good concentration showing tropical and gooseberry flavours.
          175ml glass £5.00
          250ml glass £6.50   £19.50
        • Mountbridge Reserve Chardonnay (Australia). An abundance of peach, apricot and melon, complimented by subtle creamy vanilla oak.
          175ml glass £4.70
          250ml glass £6.20   £18.00
      • Red Wine
        • Merlot VdP Remy Pannier. - France Plum and violets on the nose, a delicious easy drinking red.
          175ml glass £4.00
          250ml glass £5.30   £16.00
        • Chianti Fontella D.O.C Casa Girelli - Italy Largely Sangiovese, ruby red, smooth and medium bodied on the palate. Great to accompany red meat and pastas
          175ml glass £4.00
          250ml glass £5.30   £16.00
        • Rioja Vega, Crianza Aged for 12 month in oak, rich in aromas and showing vanilla and toasty oak flavours.
          175ml glass £4.50
          250ml glass £6.00   £18.00
        • Ventisquero Carmenere Reserve Intense colour, spiced and chocolate on the nose with vanilla and a hint of oak on the palate.
          175ml glass £4.40
          250ml glass £5.90   £17.50
        • Moutbridge Reserve 2011, Shiraz Ripe plum and mulberry flavours spicy Shiraz. Smooth with flavoursome palate.
          175ml glass £4.50
          250ml glass £6.00
          Everyone loves a glass of Shiraz but not many know of the beautiful city of Shiraz also known as city of poets and good wine, do look it up.   £18.00
        • Trivento Trivu Malbac (Argentina) Warm red berry aromas, soft silky tannins and a long, juicy, fruity finish.
          175ml glass £5.00
          250ml glass £6.50   £19.50
      • Rose wines
        • Angas Sparkling Rose - Italy Bursting with strawberry fruit flavours. Smooth, creamy texture with a crisp, dry finish.  
        • Captains Table Rose (Australia) A big vibrant deep pink colour with supporting fruit packed full of flavour.
          175ml glass £4.00
          250ml glass £5.30   £16.00
        • Pinot Grigioi Rose, Ca Lunghetta - Italy Dry and soft yet full bodied witha long fruity finish.
          175ml glass £4.15
          250ml glass £5.50  
        • Prosecco Nua Rose - Italy A vibrant ripe, fruit driven rose from the Prosecco region of Italy.   £19.00
        • Angas Sparkling Rose - Australia Bursting with strawberry fruit flavours, smooth, creamy texture with a crisp dry finish.   £19.00
      • Champaignes
        • Julous froue, Cuvee di Reserve Award winning. elegant. biscuity Champagne of great quality which has been highly regarded for many years.   £30.00
        • Moet et Chondon Brute Imperial Lively. clean and expressive with a soft subtle flavor that improves with more aging.  
        • Prosecco One4one - Italy fresh, light with clean citrus fruit and a delicate mouthfeel   £200ml Single Serve Bottle £5.50
        • Prosecco, Casa Botter - Italy Italy's answer to Champagne, a quality dry sparkler with lots of lovely floral and fruity aromas  
        • Montesquius Cava, Brut Reserva (Spain) This is a refreshing easy drinking sparkling wine displaying fresh fruit flavours and a creamy palate with a criap clean finish.   £20.00
    • Beers & Cider
      • Draught Peroni 5% (Pint) Italy   £4.40
      • Draught Pilsner Urquell 5.4% (Pint) Czech Republic   £4.20
      • Draught Stell 4% (Pint) Belgium   £4.00
      • Guiness surge   £3.60
      • Magners Irish Apple Cider   £3.60
      • Magners Irish berry Cider   £3.60
      • Smirnoff Ice   £3.30
      • E.S.B An exceptionally smooth Champion bitter   £3.75
      • Magners Irish apple Cider   £3.60
      • Old Speckled Hen   £3.75
      • Beck's beer   £3.00
      • Corona   £3.30
      • Tiger beer (Singapore)   £3.30
      • Holsten Pils   £3.00
      • Beck's Non Alcoholeic   £2.50